The Three Flavours of Workforce Scheduling

Assisted, optimised or dynamic Workforce optimisation


M any services provide a variety of different approaches to workforce scheduling. The different types and names given to scheduling services can make the situation confusing, but broadly speaking workforce scheduling and be split into three key types. Each with their own unique approach towards workforce optimisation.


Assisted scheduling solutions offer a balance between the increased efficiency of fully dynamic scheduling and the intuition of an experienced dispatch agent associated with manual workforce scheduling. This approach to workforce optimisation is generally aimed at smaller organisations.


Optimised workforce scheduling tends to be necessitated when a field service department needs to automate some of the decision making involved with scheduling. This workforce optimisation often involves the use of an algorithm such as FLS PowerOpt in order to streamline the decision-making process.


Dynamic workforce scheduling, or in other words real-time scheduling solutions can suit a wide range of large companies. Businesses often fail to realise that their environment is complex and challenging. It may have taken years to develop with the senior staff having grown up with the company. This often results in a business adapting to each small change without looking at the bigger picture. This is the kind of situation where dynamic real-time scheduling software can become vital in the efforts towards workforce optimisation. It enables the most critical jobs amongst thousands of process
es to be identified, which when missed can provide dire consequences to a company’s business processes along with its public image.

Ultimately the situation is very much about choosing the right workforce scheduling for the right business. In the modern world of field service where the customer’s needs are central and the environment is increasingly complex, dynamic workforce scheduling software such FLS VISITOUR and FLS MOBILE can assist with the many challenges faced by large companies.