• Introduction of intelligent software-based customer service appointment- and tour-planning as well as a mobile solution for disposition / customer service and service technicians in Germany and Austria
  • Consistent digital processes across the entire customer journey: from arranging an appointment in the 24/7 self-service portal to supporting the service technicians at the customer's site
  • Reduction of work for the back office through optimized self-service appointments, fully automatic scheduling and intelligent route planning with a simultaneous real-time connection of the sales force

  • High customer satisfaction through a consistent digital customer journey and the integration of self-service appointments
  • Increase of the first-time fix rate
  • Efficient and consistent digital processes as well as optimized interaction between office and field staff through real-time data exchange
  • Discharge and increased efficiency in office and field service with increasing customer numbers and sustained organizational growth

KWB is a premium solution provider for renewable energies and is considered an innovation leader in the industry. The specialist for wood heating systems with its headquarters in Austria and sales worldwide also offers solar thermal systems for hot water preparation and heating support, heating containers, heat pumps as well as storage and control technology and related services. KWB strengthens its service network in Austria and Germany through the use of intelligent tour and appointment optimization software, thereby aligning end-to-end digital service processes even more closely to the customer.

KWB has stood for “power and heat from biomass” for 25 years and is a synonym for innovative heating solutions from Austria. With its strong customer focus the brand from Styria in Austria focuses on people and pursues a clear vision: "We give energy for life!" Thus KWB stands for environmentally friendly energy systems and gives customers the security that KWB heating systems are a visible sign of responsible use of resources and the environment.

KWB products are used worldwide. The customer base includes single-family home owners, farmers, tourism companies, traders and energy suppliers. KWB maintains a strong sales and service network in Austria, Germany, France and Italy.


Like many medium-sized companies, KWB was faced with the challenge of digitizing its processes efficiently and in a targeted manner looking into a competitive growth market. The focus was on covering all customer-related processes and customer communication, thus creating a seamless customer journey and the best possible customer experience. In addition to reducing the workload in the back office through optimized self-service appointments and a fully automatic scheduling and tour optimization, a real-time connection of the sales force should be achieved at the same time. "For us, designing digital transformation means developing all areas related to customers and customer communication and digitally setting up all processes in a customer-oriented and consistent manner in order to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with high efficiency," outlines Christian Luttenberger, customer service manager at KWB, the challenge the company faced.


With the use of the FLS solutions FLS VISITOUR, FLS MOBILE and FLS PORTAL, KWB consistently digitally maps the customer orientation in service control and processing: from the customer self-service appointment scheduling, the fully automatic scheduling and control of the service technician to service appointments at the customer on site. Using FLS VISITOUR, the assignments of over 80 service technicians in Germany and Austria are planned and controlled centrally in real-time. Through the real-time data exchange with the mobile solution FLS MOBILE the service technicians are even more agile in giving feedback to the head office. FLS PORTAL enables customers to conveniently book desired appointments in advance and in self-service - also by mobile phone and tablet - and ensures a strong first-time fix rate.


This seamless technological interaction of the FLS solutions, the consistent focus on the customer throughout the entire customer journey and the complete transparency of assignments and appointments are the reasons why Christian Luttenberger, customer service manager at KWB, relies on FLS.

"We chose FLS because we didn´t find a comparable system on the market that can work as tailored to the customer as the FLS solutions. The heating market is characterized by competition and we would like to maintain our position as an innovative premium provider and further expand it through a service business that is consistently geared to the customer. The customer experience plays a key role here and we see ourselves on the right path with the FLS solutions and the technological advantage that they offer for Smart Service Automation.”

With the software-based service planning and operational control, KWB sees itself sustainably equipped for further relief and increased efficiency in the office and field service - especially with rising numbers of customers and a continues organizational growth. A roll-out of service units in Italy and France is already planned for 2020.