Workforce scheduling is one of the most important elements of workforce optimisation - and the one that is most prone to errors or issues. We can work with you to get it right.


Workforce Scheduling Software


W orkforce scheduling is one of the most important elements of workforce optimisation - and the one that is most prone to errors or issues. We can work with you to get it right.

Typical problems that service managers face with workforce scheduling include:

· Creating a schedule with too many employees when demand is low.

· Creating a schedule with not enough employees when demand is high.

· Scheduling employees with the right seniority, expertise and training for a particular project or job.

· Employees calling in sick or with emergencies, requiring management to call in last minute, and often costly, replacements.

We have found that Companies who lack a cohesive, well-managed workforce scheduling plan run the risk of experiencing negative operational and financial outcomes from these and other problems.

Scheduling a multifaceted workforce can be arduous, time-consuming, error-prone, and just plain frustrating. Even with the best efforts, mistakes are often made which lower productivity, increase costs, and put you at risk of litigation and fines.

Managers need to know that there is a solution to help ease this necessary process. FLS VISITOR's workforce management software enables managers and supervisors to generate schedules that provide adequate coverage and accurately forecast labor demand.

Key features of FLS VISITOUR workforce scheduling software include:

· Workforce optimisation - managers no longer need to spend long periods of time trying to match employee qualifications with business needs as automated scheduling pairs staff with the best-suited schedule, meeting both employee and departmental needs.

· Improved mobile capabilities - the potential for sick calls and emergencies makes it important for managers to be able to fill gaps as quickly as they appear. Workforce scheduling technology with mobile capabilities can alert employees via text message or email when a shift becomes available. Employees can then respond, and the system will assign the shift to the staff member best suited to adequately fill it.

FLS VISITOR's workforce scheduling software can help your company control and lower costs associated with operational and administrative tasks, mitigate federal and industry compliance risks via reliable automation technology and enhance workforce efficiency due to less scheduling errors.

We want you to be convinced of the added value which our workforce scheduling software brings - not through clever sales talk, but through real evidence and figures in black and white.

Test us before you invest - this guarantees transparency and offers you the opportunity to test the performance and adaptability of the software prior to full implementation.

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