Are you looking for a Field Service Management software that meets the needs of your business and improves your processes in the long term? There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a move to real-time scheduling software.
Here are the most frequently asked questions, and their answers.


FLS is a leading worldwide schedule optimisation and Field Service Management software solution provider. Our primary solutions are FLS VISITOUR for Field Service and Mobile Workforce Management, and DISPATCH NOW for Delivery Logistics.

The FLS portfolio controls the entire service and delivery process from intelligent simulation and planning to live operation, monitoring and analysis. Our software covers planned and reactive real-time call scheduling and route optimisation, mobile capture, customer engagement web portals, and tools for head office and an engaged field community.
2In which countries is FLS available?
Our Field Service Management solutions are available worldwide. Currently, FLS products are in use in 29 countries on 4 continents. Your scheduling office needs reliable broadband access, and your field staff need mobile connectivity. Our Solutions Team will work with your IT provider and advise you.
3Is FLS suitable for us?
Our Field Service Management solutions are found in various industries, including food delivery, eCommerce, facilities management, safety and repairs, insurance, Healthcare, HVAC, Last mile delivery, survey & inspection, Housing and energy supply. Find case studies for your sector, here.
4How long does it take to mobilise?
FLS deployments are typically live within 4-8 weeks. This covers design, configuration, integration, a pilot window, training, and end-to-end rollout. This is compared to competitors who typically require many months and a significantly higher number of resource days, which can bloat the project cost.
5Do I need any hardware?
Our Field Service Management solutions are provided SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), hosted by FLS in the Cloud, or on a subscription basis, hosted by your internal team.

You require PCs, laptops, and mobile devices for access according to functional needs and our mobile solutions operate on iOS and Android devices. The FLS Solutions Team will work with your IT representatives and advise you.
6How much does FLS cost?
We have simple tariffs for your sector of the Field Service and Mobile Workforce market. You pay monthly, only for the modules that you need. There is no expensive upfront investment.
7How quickly will we see results?
FLS offers schedule and route optimisation tools that deliver benefits from day one, therefore our clients typically see a return on investment within months.

A wide array of objectives may be configured between cost efficiency, customer satisfaction and employee wellbeing—all without impacting system performance. For a detailed estimate of your return on investment, contact us.


1Is there an app for my mobile workforce?
Yes. Compatible with iOS and Android, therefore a broad range of devices, our mobile solution provides online & offline functionality. Highly secure, it handles call management, call completion, route optimisation, inventory, and knowledge transfer in one single app.
2How do I improve customer experience?
FLS improves experience scores by answering the modern Field Service Management demands of customers and contractors. You’ll see improvements across communication, transparency, first-time fixes, offering faster appointments to customers which consider their unique availability requirements, and ensuring you increase your meeting your SLA adherence and eliminate backlogs.

This includes, but is not limited to FLS PORTAL, which offers branded self-service appointment scheduling, SMS and email reminders, live on-the-day tracking, and feedback surveys.
3What training is available?
Training is one of the most important steps to success. We will set your software up with ‘superusers’ to the point where you can trial your Field Service Management system with ‘real world’ situations.

It is our experience that when everyone involved with using your software is included in role-appropriate training, they will feel more confident about using it. We are of course happy to carry out refresher training if required.
4What support is available?
All support is included with your contract and in our latest survey answered by every customer in the UK, FLS Support Services were rated 9.6 out of 10. Support is offered by self-service portal, telephone, email and screen sharing.
5Can a Consultant do the work for us?
For over twenty years our consultants have worked with organisations across many industries with a diverse selection of project requirements. Some are highly complex and unique, and a wide range of field force sizes and company cultures.

Our consultancy begins with designing an appropriate Field Service Management solution and extends to compliance and cultural change in both the public- and private-sector. In our latest survey answered by every customer in the UK, FLS consultants were rated 9.6 out of 10.


1What is the PowerOpt Algorithm?
The unique PowerOpt algorithm is an FLS invention and intellectual property that took many years to develop by our specialist team. PowerOpt guarantees individual and effective Field Service Management planning results in real-time wherever maximum precision and speed are required; even for high order volumes and extremely specific tasks.
2Does FLS integrate with other platforms?
Yes. It is standard for FLS Field Service Management to be integrated to maximise the value of automation. We have a long history of integration with third-party software packages, including long-standing partnerships with leading solutions such as SAP and Microsoft.

We take a holistic approach to your ERP, Service Management and CRM requirements, and use project planning workshops to recommend the technical path. Learn more about our integrations here or meet our industry partners .
3How do you update the system?
Our Field Service Management software solutions are updated on a rolling schedule of ongoing development. Updates are published with release notes and timing planned with each customer for testing and deployment. Version upgrades are included in our pricing.
4How secure is your system?
Client, employee, and organisational data is protected by means of security-oriented system architecture, encryption and comprehensive roles and rights management. Learn more about our ISO/IEC 27001 (Information security management) accreditation here.


1How do I book a demo?
You can try the PowerOpt algorithm here and arrange to see our full solutions in action with a personalised, sector-specific demonstration. These usually take 1-2 hours, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions. You can tell us your requirements here.
2How do I Partner with FLS?
A partnership with FLS adds valuable best-of-breed scheduling capability to other software solutions offerings and revenue opportunities for the IT industry. Together we build and deliver successful solutions. Get started here.
3Can I recommend a friend?
Yes. If you know an organisation that needs to improve mobile workforce efficiency, we know nothing beats the power of a personal recommendation. Contact us with confirmation that you have the permission of the ‘Referred Contact’ to share their business details with us.
4How do I know FLS is right for me?
We offer free detailed scheduling tests. Working along different scenarios, this compares how you scheduled historic work data with how FLS would have optimally scheduled the same data. We replay the results to you in a comprehensive document.

You then have the option to put FLS to the test in real-life, within an live trial environment.

Further questions?
Contact us to experience real-time scheduling and the unsurpassed performance of our unique PowerOpt algorithm.