Since starting his professional career, FLS founder Thomas Brechtel has been fascinated with solving logistical problems. He proved himself as a logistics counselor and software developer during his time as a student of mathematics. His approach was to use mathematical means to approximate route and scheduling optimization through algorithm development while always keeping the real process in sight. He quickly realized that high savings were possible not only in the area of logistics, but also in service and sales units.

After more than 25 years of research and development, countless software launches and process optimizations, he not only developed the best-known real-time software for scheduling and route planning in the world, but also built an enormous pool of know-how in various industries and business cases.

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With your help, we gradually bring your vision to life:
From consulting to project support to customer service.


Process know-how in logistics, service, and sales
First, we evaluate your field organization’s process efficiency, planning quality, and cost structure. Using this, we develop a concept with tightly focused measures for lasting optimization that can always be further developed during a project. We keep things in control with our agile methods. Regularly reviewing things, we evaluate the optimization results and develop and adjust appropriate performance measurement systems for strategic and operative use.

Process automation & digitization
It always starts with the analysis of your processes to identify the potential for automation and digitization. We give you implementation concepts for a step-by-step transformation. You don’t want to let the chance for digitization to pass you by? You want to offer your clients real added value through advances in technology? Let’s develop new business models for your services together.

Customer service experience
End customers expect the appropriate solutions for their problems and needs, and they want consistent and reliable service. We offer know-how and the software necessary for an excellent service experience: 24/7 communication through online appointment portals, desired appointments and short timeframes, real-time appointment information, and multi-channel communication – and, we get your after-sales business going too.

Change management
The introduction of software and the accompanying process optimization changes the situation for all involved parties. The software is not what stands in the limelight, but rather the employees involved. We counsel decision-makers and go-getters to help them implement the software in a careful and holistically planned way.

"I have been with FLS for 20 years and I have seen FLS VISITOUR grow. I still go into every new project with my team filled with excitement, always wanting to perfectly understand the client’s processes and find the best answer with FLS VISITOUR. That is not always easy, but it always brings me great joy to see how effective the software is for clients and what potential opens up to the client as a result."


Project management
Software implementation requires skillful project management in order to benefit from important stimuli during the project phase and make optimal use of the software. By adopting tried and tested project methods like PMI and Prince2, we also provide your project team and management the structure and orientation they need, also in very busy times. Transparent, phase-oriented project reporting ensures every stakeholder’s information needs.

Knowledge transfer
In addition to the technical implementation of our software, it is also important to inform users about its use. Only when this knowledge is initially provided and permanently kept alive can the software’s potential unfold. We work with you to develop a training concept including comprehensive documentation suited to the target groups in your company.
IT know-how
We evaluate the existing IT tool chain concerning the implantation of FLS solutions and help you define your target IT architecture. You can trust us to provide transition management.

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For us, customer service is not contradictory to intense, high-quality conversations to support you as fast as possible. Our clients are each assigned a permanent advisor who is therefore well versed in the individual business cases. In the UK, our centers provide front-line service and are assisted by our technical teams in Germany.

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