Here you can find help using FLS website, especially with the wordpress backend. This place will be filled with more content time after time, but if something is uncovered and further help is needed please contact FLS marketing

The FLS blog is supposed to display additional valuable content about topics that have a certain connection to FLS. With this content, we aim to attract new visitors to our websites with interest in the articles on our blog, share valuable information with existing visitors of our website, make them stay on our site a bit longer and of course improve our search engine results.

We are very happy if you help us generating new content by creating new blog posts. Please note, that every foreign subsidiary is solely responsible for filling their local blog. The more local the content is, the more relevant it will become for users. FLS Germany will not translate German blog posts into other languages. Please use this guide and tips as knowledge base and the blog post template to create new posts and save them as draft.

If you want to publish an article only for SEO reasons, which does not have additional valuable content please view the document “FLS WEBSITE How to publish articles (UK only)”. Of course, blog posts with valuable content are to be preferred.

The process of publishing a blog post can be divided into the following steps:

  • Search for a good idea suited for a blog post.
  • Write the content (consider our tips on how to create a good article).
  • Let someone else read it and check grammar and spelling.
  • If your content was approved, create a new post in wordpress using the blog article template.
  • Fill in your content and save it as draft.
  • Inform FLS Marketing about your draft and name the essential keywords for the post.
  • FLS Marketing will review your draft and publish it.

Tips on how to create a good blog article:

  • Use the right keywords
  • Keep it short – Most search engines cut out headline after 60 characters
  • Add meta title

  • Don’t write fewer than 300 words
  • Use keywords and integrate focus keyword
  • Add sub-headlines using H2 formatting to increase readability
  • Use visuals like images and graphics
  • Add internal and external links
  • Use specials like quotes, tables etc.
  • Use & add a Call-To-Action
  • Related post at the bottom will automatically generated
  • Remember that only blog posts that are written in the native language of the local website can be published on it e.g. on the German website only German posts can be published

How to create blog posts on FLS WEBSITE:






‼️ Before anything else make two urgent settings ‼️

WORDPRESS SETTING 1: Section "Layout" – Toggle on "Hide the Content" because we use the builder for creating the content
WORDPRESS SETTING 2: Section "Options" – Toggle on "Subheader | Hide", "Content | Remove Padding"

Ignore other input fields at the bottom.

Go on with …

  • CREATE THE POST TITLE: Should contain focus keyword of the post, reflect the topic and with 70 to 80 characters or perfectly 60 & – Please use UPPERCASE CHARACTERS (See more under "Headline tips" ⬇️ )
  • URL: Will be created based on post title or can be customized afterwards (Please be careful: Don´t change URL after publishing!)
  • RIGHT SIDEBAR: Choose your desired category (Choosing "BLOG" is required, if the post should appear in blog post list!) – Use existing categories or add new with consulting  › 👮🏻 Timm
  • RIGHT SIDEBAR: Add or create new Tag / Keywords (Prefer to use existing)
  • RIGHT SIDEBAR: Add a post image – with size 512x512px AND one with 1024x1024px with data name addition …@2x.jpg for a sharp version on retina displays – or ask › 👮🏻 Timm


  • Choose and load the template by clicking "Templates"

‼️*NOW IMPORTANT: Switch post status from "Published" to "Draft" unless we are not finished yet


  • BUILDER: Modify Template with your content
  • BUILDER: Choose a background color or add a Header / Hero image with the size 2550x526px AND one with 5120x1252px with data name addition …@2x.jpg for a sharp version on retina displays – or ask › 👮🏻 Timm
  • BUILDER: Replace Category text and Headline placeholder with your content
  • BUILDER: Replace Content placeholder with your content
  • BUILDER: Choose sidebar widget (Standard, author etc.) or use default of your country


  • YOAST SEO: Open YOAST SEO panel

  • YOAST SEO: Define focus keyword / Should be used in URL
  • YOAST SEO: Meta description – You should use the focus keyword and optimize the length (60 characters)
  • YOAST SEO: Before publishing posts place the cursor into the editor window and click on "Builder >> SEO" – Content of the blog post
  • YOAST SEO: Afterwards add Autor, Date and the first sentences of the blog post on top of the text. This will appear as description in blog list overview.
  • YOAST SEO: Put in a short resume text on top of the editor text, which is used for our internal search system (ATTENTION: Pressing again "Builder >> SEO" will delete text!)


FINALIZING:Press "Save Draft" to save without publishing and finally "Publish" when you are sure & ready to bring it live


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